Looking back at the sprint

by Marty Alchin on December 3, 2007 about Django

Sadly, the sprint is now over, but we got a lot done. I won’t go over the whole list, but I will regretfully admit that I didn’t get anything finished in time to get committed during the sprint.

I did get a ton of work done on the FileField refactor, and a new patch will be ready this week. I didn’t realize just how hacked that patch was, so I had to a lot of cleanup and unification before adding new features (like easier file removal, automatic file renaming, etc). I’ve even gotten some tests written for it! It’s just waiting on answers for a few questions before I put a new (final??) patch on the ticket.

As for DurationField, I did absolutely no work on it. However, Jacob and Malcolm agreed that a UI improvement was the last remaining obstacle, so Nathan did some amazing work (with some help from Christian) on Saturday, putting together something fairly similar to how TimeField‘s widget works. I don’t have a shot of it off-hand, but it looks great. Hopefully we’ll get that into the patch very soon, and get it committed.

I didn’t have a camera, but many others did, so there are plenty of pictures available. In particular, there are a few of me. <sarcasm>Yes, I really am that photogenic. Thanks for the flattering shots, guys.</sarcasm>

All in all, though, it was a great time, and I was glad for the chance to meet everybody in person. I can only imagine how much fun PyCon will be.