Slight update on django-modular

by Marty Alchin on November 14, 2007

I don’t have much to report tonight, but there’s been so much interest more that I thought there would be, so I’m trying to keep people in the loop.

In the last day, I haven’t added much code, and what little I have added isn’t online yet. I’m not sure I’ll get it done by the end of this week after all, but I am still working on it very actively.

As for what little work I have done, I’m mostly working right now on adding to how modules get registered. Right now, is_default is specified directly on the class definition, so that module would always be available, regardless of what a project developer might want. At least, without editing code, that is.

So I’m working toward something more like how ContentTypes, registering module types in a model, so that a new configuration page can be provided to edit various detials of installed modules.

This will give app developers the change to create and distribute modules, whether useful or not, and project owners can decide which ones should actually be used, and how.

I’m hoping to have it working soon, but I think I’ll hold off on making moew assumptions about exactly when it’ll happen.