Blog stats

by Marty Alchin on November 15, 2007 about Django

I was looking at my Google Analytics data today, and I noticed a few surprising things.

First, my series on declarative syntax did well, but not remarkably so. Still, it seemed to maintain enough readers day after day, so I’ll definitely continue it at some point soon, and do more like it when I can.

I also apparently can manage to write longer posts if I want. The average time spent on the site for the month of October is just over a minute, a lot shorter than I though it would be. Longer posts will probably have to wait until after November, since I just don’t have time to come up with lengthy, insightful posts every day. I’m not James, after all.

Most of the stats are fairly standard, though. The majority of my visitors are on Firefox, as I target a tech-savvy crowd. About 3% of visitors had a screen resolution less than 1024x768. Windows took about 40%, with MacOS and Linux taking about 30% each (with some other ones taking a miniscule fraction).

Also interesting was the geographic distribution. While the United States is the largest country of origin, the most represented city was London, England. In fact, when taking the greater number of smaller countries, Europe took the lead over North and South America combined. Definitely unexpected.

I didn’t have time to put up any graphs, but I epxect I’ll post about this again sometime in the future.