Local Branches

by Marty Alchin on November 5, 2007 about Django

Okay, I officially despise National Blog Posting Month. It’s neat to try to think about how to populate the blog every day, and I really appreciate all the extra thought it’s made me put into it. But I just don’t think I can reasonably manage to do it. Here it is, five days in, and I’ve already resorted to a minor status update just to get my post in for the day. Sorry folks, you’re in for a long month.

So, today’s update is that I finally got sick of having to deal with overlapping patches, so I’ve started to set up local branches to keep them separate. Unfortunately, I’m not too interested in doing things the Right Way with regard to branches, so I’m actually just checking out multiple copies of Django into different directories. It seems to work just fine for now, but I’ll probably notice some things I’m missing and work my way into “real” branches.