March 2008

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17 Mar 2008

So, PyCon proper has come and gone, and today begins the sprint. I had a great time, got my talk on (I’ll try to fix the fonts, but it’s online, anyway), and learned some fascinating stuff.

IE8 and Upcoming Standards

6 Mar 2008

Along with the rest of the Web, I’ve been following the recent months of discussion regarding IE8, its version targeting behavior and its support for Web standards. There are a number of opinions about a whole variety of things regarding IE, and I won’t get involved in most of them. In fact, I tend not to follow these discussions very closely, but I’m trying to get better about it lately, now that I’m taking a more active role on the Web. Of interest to me is the announced commitment to Web standards, and I’d like to focus on a somewhat smaller detail, and in a way you might not expect.