Wicked [stuff].

by Marty Alchin on May 22, 2008 about Django and books

It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly, and those of you who really keep your ear to the community already know why. Last week, news broke that I’m writing a book. I’ve actually been writing it for several months now, since before the sprint last December, toying with the idea of contacting a publisher. After getting positive feedback from several people at the sprint, I bit the bullet and contacted Apress in January, got a contract and have been working pretty much non-stop ever since.

In the week since word started to spread, there’s been a bit of confusion over what I’m trying to accomplish, as the Amazon listing is still pretty bare (it’ll get more info soon). I’d like to help clear things up, so I’ve launched a simple informative site for the book with some more information about what and who it’s for. I’ll be adding more information as time goes on, but hopefully it’ll at least prove useful for those of you who are eager to know what it’s all about.

While I’m writing it, I don’t have a whole lot of time to do much else, so I’m not actively working on anything but the book and the filestorage patch. If you’re looking for updates on dbsettings, signed cookies or django-modular, you’ll just have to hold tight until I get at least one of those two squared away. And, to be realistic, once I get the file stuff done, I’ll probably just focus on the book anyway.