Django Events

by Marty Alchin on January 6, 2009 about Django

There are a few of you out there who know I’ve been talking for months now about plans to expand the collection of community-oriented sites that are available for us Djangonauts to use and enjoy. It’s not that I think the current crop of sites are deficient in any way; it’s just that each site has a specific role it intends to fill, and I think there are more roles that need filling. In light of this, I’d like to officially announce Django Events.

It’s been over five years since the first bits of Django were written, even though it was a year and a half before the name “Django” was first suggested. In the years since its first public showcase, Django has built up quite a community around it, spanning the globe.

As you can see, there are a number of notable events to consider when looking back at Django’s history and forward to its future. Perhaps the best part is that I’ve only scratched the surface of the events that can be archived on this site. I already have nearly a hundred events on the site, and I have about that many more yet to add. I don’t want this to be just about me, though. For now, I’m the only one adding things to the database, but I do plan on allowing the community to join in as well, just as soon as I decide how I’d like to have you do so.

Future plans

The immediate future will be spent populating the site with more events to fill out the archive more completely. After that, I’d very much like to add iCalendar support rather than RSS feeds. As for adding user input, I’m still debating whether an input form is best or if CalDAV would be more appropriate.

In the long term, I’d especially like to see the iCalendar feed used to power other Django-related projects, such as my own aspirations for gathering statistics about the framework and its community. I’m sure others of you out there have your own ideas about how useful this information can be, and I’d certainly love to be a part of making those ideas come true. Until then, enjoy the archive and I’ll keep you posted on its progress.