A Tough Design Decision

21 Jan 2011

When I set out to work on Biwako, I expected to have to make some hard choices, but I didn’t expect to hit one so quickly. What started as a simple feature turned out to take several days of research, trial and error before finally settling on a solution that I didn’t see coming. And in the spirit of building this framework out in the open, I’d like to spend some time sharing my experiences, in hopes of helping someone else who might face a similar problem someday.

Class-level Keyword Arguments

20 Jan 2011

Python sports some nifty features when it comes to handling arguments, but those are only for functions. A class declaration is limited to just a list of base classes … or is it?

Biwako: File Formats Made Easy

20 Jan 2011

For years now, I’ve been researching various kinds of file formats, from music and images to video games and even NASCAR data streams. Each format is usually considered to be unique—at least as far as parsing/saving implementations go, but the truth is that they have a lot in common. And anytime you have a bunch of independent tasks that share similar aspects, you have an ideal environment for the creation of a framework to make those common aspects easier to manage.